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Why those with MS must ensure they get enough Vitamin B12 February 8, 2009

Posted by Rebecca Hoover in Supplements - what you need to minimize MS symptoms.
Took a little Vitamin B12 - now jumps over tall buildings for lunch.

Took a little Vitamin B12 -- now jumps over tall buildings for lunch.

For some reason, those with MS often run short of Vitamin B12 just as they often experience Vitamin D deficiencies. This can make their neurological symptoms worse and make life more than a little miserable.

The problems with Vitamin B12 deficiencies are often overlooked, however, because the symptoms caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency are the same symptoms that are caused by MS. In fact, doctors cannot tell the difference between MS symptoms and Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms without a simple blood test for Vitamin B12 deficiency.  Even so, some doctors neglect to monitor Vitamin B12 levels in their MS patients.

This failure to monitor B12 levels is not wise because many experts recommend that Vitamin B12 levels be monitored in all MS patients and warn that Vitamin B12 shortages in MS patients make MS more severe than it would otherwise be.

It is a good idea to have your Vitamin B12 level checked by your doctor and to take a B12 supplement if needed. (I try to keep my Vitamin B12 at the high end of the normal range.) These supplements are relatively inexpensive — mine cost less than $5 for a three month supply.  A few people do need injections.

By the way, there is no need to spend money on sublingual Vitamin B12 supplements (sublingual means the tablets are held under the tongue until dissolved). Research shows that the tablets that are swallowed work just as well as the sublingual tablets.

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Please remember to consult with your doctors about how to stay as healthy as possible. Nothing here should be interpreted as medical advice. Instead, please use the information you find here in your discussions with your doctor.

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