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While sun exposure and vitamin D3 help with multiple sclerosis, tanning booths may create problems February 15, 2012

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Ouch! While sunshine seems to help prevent MS and prevent relapses, tanning booths are risky and may increase your chances of getting cancer.

Many researchers have found that exposure to sunshine seems to help prevent multiple sclerosis (MS) and sunlight exposure may even help prevent relapses. The same is true for vitamin D3.

Unfortunately, tanning booths may not work so well. First, there is no evidence that the greater proportion shorter ultraviolet light waves in tanning booths has the same beneficial effects as natural sunlight. Also, scientists believe that the higher proportion of shorter ultraviolet light waves may be increasing cancer risks. You can read more about this in a report entitled A photobiological evaluation of tanning booths.


Natural sunlight has many benefits when not overdone including even lifting your mood and contributing to sound sleep at night. The same cannot be said for tanning booths which may help cause more cancer. It is wise to stick with natural sunlight exposure and vitamin D3.

Viva la healthy living!

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1. Barbara Kidder - February 16, 2012

Thank you for all the helpful and encouraging information that you post on this site.
I hope that you continue to be blessed with good health!

Rebecca Hoover - February 16, 2012

And thank you for the nice comment! I hope you also continue to be blessed with good health.

2. maryelle smith - June 28, 2012

Hello this has been very hepful.i tan 1 a week for my ms and it does help. Your getting vitaman a wi help bones. Thank u

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